Rachel was literally in a full gallop, running towards us with a HUGE smile on her face. It wasn’t my husband or me she was excited to see, nope..it was our dog, Daisy.

It’s always Daisy..and after two years with this little love puff we are used to her drawing people in.

Rachel though; she’s special.

We run into her at her bus stop almost every morning when we take our daily walk. A teenager clearly dealing with serious autism, she’s usually pacing back and forth at the corner..talking to (and sometimes yelling at) no one in particular.

Daisy however, breaks the spell Rachel’s under and she always quiets down to spend a few moments petting our lovable Havanese. Once we say our goodbyes, she falls back into the world that only she can inhabit.

When we saw Rachel yesterday on our Sunday evening walk, she was much more excited than usual to see us.. (I mean Daisy.)  It was as if she didn’t realize that our dog existed outside of our usual morning time and place. This was the first time she actually picked Daisy up and snuggled.

It was absolutely precious.

It is hard to describe how much having this little dog has changed our lives.. and it’s not just about us and Daisy..it’s about Daisy and everyone else.




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