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Time for a change.

For many years now I have been getting up, making coffee, reading the headlines and writing a post for this blog.

Like a morning skin care routine, my blog became a habit and I truly enjoyed it.

But things change, life changes, routines change and I’ve come to realize that I need to remake my mornings.  I need to invest those precious first hours a bit differently, in a way that is more beneficial to my health, more inclusive of my newly retired husband and more aligned to my (our) goals.

I will keep blogging, but likely only once a week.

It’s gonna be weird for sure- probably a bit like that time I went without my cell phone for two whole days. But in disconnecting myself from the outside world that week-end I found that I actually (re)discovered some pretty awesome stuff about my inner circle.

It was a good thing.


8 comments on “Time for a change.

  1. You need to do what works for you!!

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  2. Good for you! I had to change my routine once my husband retired also. I had a set time for Biblestudy and prayer and that’s been put aside. I really need to come up with a different time and get back to it.
    I will look forward to your weekly blogs. Enjoy your time together. ♥

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    • His retirement has been every bit as life-changing as having a baby! I thought about that a lot as I made lunch yesterday and he was in the kitchen watching a documentary on George Washington. more smooth jazz days for me.. He will watch an entire feature length movie or a tennis match smack dab in the middle of the day.. 😬 It’s not that he isn’t otherwise busy..I’m just not a TV watcher..esp not during the day! EW! I’ll go along until I hear anything resembling the Price is Right.. at that point I’ll be unleashing the hounds.


      • You are not alone, Sister! That is a problem for a lot of couples. Mine gets bored and is restless, always wanting to “go do” something. He needs another part-time job, but hasn’t found anything yet. I am lucky, we have a t.v. in the family room downstairs so he goes there to watch during the day.
        Hang in there. Some of us have found we’ve become overly critical of them, so that’s an easy trap to fall into. I’m trying to fight that now.

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      • OH, THIS IS SOOO ME! I asked my bible study group to pray for me.. it’s like I can’t help it.. I need to pick up something new like biting my nails to help me stop.


  3. Yes! I have been praying about it. The other day he said or did something that wasn’t offensive, but immediately I found myself being annoyed with him. Just days before I had prayed that God would show me my sins so that I might confess them. Whoa! Don’t pray that if you don’t mean it. lol I stopped and thought about it and discovered there was no reason I should be annyoed with him other than it had gotten to be a bad habit.

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    • Retirement is like a never ending week-end..which sounds great on paper..but any woman whose had kids and a working husband has got to admit that they sometimes looked forward to Monday..I’m just sayin’..


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