He just can’t help it..

My husband cleaned our bathroom last week and when I reached for my shampoo on the window ledge in our shower, I just had to chuckle.

This was how he arranged the tubes and bottles- like perfectly spaced soldiers standing in a row.


It’s endlessly fascinating how men and women think, manage, value and interpret things differently, isn’t it? Forget putting the shampoos in a row, most single men would likely only have one bottle: a combo shampoo/body wash/grout cleaner–right?

Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 2.57.39 AM


And while it’s true that contrasting perspectives and priorities can create challenges in a relationship, I doubt there’s a woman alive who wouldn’t happily embrace this “diversity” in any story that begins with some version of “my husband cleaned our bathroom..”

So as we approach this Valentine’s Day, dust off your sense of humor,  keep your expectations in check, recognize effort and remember, men are not wired like women..

Loosely translated ladies, he just can’t help it.

Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 2.55.27 AM

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  1. beth says:

    that is so funny

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    1. Cindy says:

      There’s just somethin’ about him putting things in a row.. which is why I’m in charge of landscaping.👍

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