The very best wine – and it’s for YOU!

My husband’s dual zone wine fridge is not only arranged by whites and reds but also by label and cost. He’s the review reader, the buyer, the organizer and the “points” guy-  This is HIS gig and he takes it all pretty seriously. Let’s just say I know better than to casually reach in there and randomly grab a bottle to add to my spaghetti sauce – No sir, I confer with him first.

I thought about his carefully curated collection as I read about Jesus’ first miracle: turning water into wine at a wedding he was attending in Cana. As the night (and the party) wore on, I guess they ran out and Mary (Jesus’ mother) made him aware of the problem.

Hey, if you invite enough frat brothers- it can happen!

The one moment that stuck with me in this story was the headwaiter’s comment to Jesus about the “miracle wine.” He said “Every man serves the good wine first, and when the people have drunk freely, then he serves the poorer wine; but you have kept the good wine until now.”

I gather that after he tried a sample, the waiter was both impressed by the wine and confused as to why Jesus would bother creating something so special for people possibly too tipsy to appreciate it.

I had to laugh because I could imagine my husband agreeing with this guy- give the guests the good stuff first and then as the night rolls on start opening up the cheaper stuff-  Makes sense, right?

Unless you are God.

You see this story so beautifully illustrates who He is and how much we mean to Him. He doesn’t serve us what he thinks we deserve and He doesn’t start unscrewing the Lambrusco after 10pm. Neither does He hold back on His best simply because we are too ignorant to appreciate it or don’t understand the value of what he’s offering.


He is, and only carries, the best-

and that’s what he offers to every single person who comes to Him with an open heart

and an empty glass.








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