So..what did you do this week-end?


Well, I stayed up way too late on Saturday night finishing up a NETLIX documentary series called Pandemic.

Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 8.20.02 PM

I know, I know, what a glutton for punishment.

I already had an inkling that we as a species could be seriously screwed if some major virus ever hit, so the scary vulnerabilities presented in the series were no real surprise.

No, the real surprise was that the undisputed “stars” of the documentary were the chickens..

Soo many chickens.

Chickens in Vietnam,

chickens in China,

chickens in Egypt..

Running around on farms,

running in the streets,

hanging out in factories

hanging in markets,

stuffed in cages,

stuffed in trash cans.

I got to see more chickens in more “situations” and levels of “preparation” than I EVER wanted to see and I can confidently say that I don’t think I can EVER put a crispy nugget in my mouth..



So consider this a public service announcement:

If you love Chick-Fil-A and want to preserve that special relationship..

do NOT watch Pandemic.

And don’t laugh, but on Sunday we picked up two boxes of N-95 face masks at Home Depot..

and we had faux-chicken-pot “pie” for dinner.

No chicken..

no pie crust..

just cornbread, veggies and a flavorful, white wine sauce..

and guess what, he liked it.👍

Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 8.04.10 PM

And speaking of likes, I never liked basketball but I still feel horrible about the tragedy that has befallen the Bryant family. They are all in my prayers..especially Kobe’s wife.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. oneta hayes says:

    I won’t be watching anything willingly that will kill my love of fried chicken. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cindy says:

      Yup- don’t do it.. I was happier not knowing.

      Liked by 1 person

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