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Closing Shop

I loved their stuff and loved their stores, but rarely ever bought a thing. I obviously wasn’t the only one as Papyrus just announced they were closing shop and sadly, filing for bankruptcy.

No one offered more beautiful greeting cards, but my gosh were they expensive. Every so often I’d find myself in there trying to justify the cost and make a purchase- but 9 times out of 10 I just couldn’t.

And yet..

I am the owner of a small bottle of $50 face cream..and guess what, I love this stuff so much, I just ordered another bottle.

Just goes to show you that “value” is a personal measure. I may think something is worth the cost and you may not. It could be that you’d never pay $50 for face cream, but maybe you’d happily drop $50 for a steak..or a bottle of wine..or perfume.

(Full transparency, I have that pricey perfume too. 🙄)

Our lives are (in large part) shaped by how we spend our two most important resources: time and money. For us to make personally worthwhile investments with either, we must be convinced we see value.

Having just completed our budget for 2020 by combing through expenditures from 2019..I can see how my perception of value fluctuates and (hopefully) matures.

Let’s just say I will definitely be “closing shop” in some areas this year and redirecting precious resources into (what I perceive to be) more valuable, worthwhile “investments.”

And yes, as for right now..that still includes the cream! 😛

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15 comments on “Closing Shop

  1. Good article ! Face creams are high priority for me too ! 🤗

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    • This stuff is liquid gold to me..(I’m embarrassed to say)..I use it SO sparingly on my skin.. when it’s still a little bit goes further.


      • I am intrigued, Cindy ! Are you willing to share the name of the item ?
        I did research years ago on what actually can slow the aging of the skin, and one of the main factors was using high quality skin care products. I’ve used good quality skin care products always, and, entering my seventies, I think those researchers knew what they were writing about. 🤗

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      • It’s Malin and’s highlighted in my post so you can link to it.. maybe I can do that here..

        I also use their grapefruit face wash (a lot cheaper for a much bigger bottle) Love the scent and texture and I feel like I see an improvement in my wrinkle situation.. 👍 I was introduced to their product line with a small sample from Birchbox a few years ago.


      • Excellent, Cindy, thanks ! I will definitely check that out ! The face wash sounds refreshing too. 🤗

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      • It is.. I follow the directions and let it sit on my face for a few minutes to allow all that “grapefruity goodness” to sink in! 👍

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  2. Everyone has their personal must….and I’m more than ok with that. You do what’s personally important

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    • YUP..this is so true. But I am amazed that in looking back- just one year- I can see changes in what I myself once considered personal must haves.

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  3. I love this! It’s so true. I will spends thousands on particular things I love but nickel and dime other things…so funny!

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    • It truly is.. I ‘ll buy the ridiculously expensive (no doubt overpriced) face cream but walk out of Bed Bath & Beyond without the $12 frying pan I need because I forgot my 20% off coupon!


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