What are you ignoring??

It popped up on my calendar about a week ago:

Physical with Kim.

I had NO idea what that was referring to, so I ignored it.

Physical with Kim.

There it was again when I opened up my laptop later that day – still, no idea what it meant.

Physical with Kim.

My calendar kept reminding me..annoying me..day after day..

Physical with Kim.

I have no physicians named Kim.

Maybe this was something from my husband’s calendar that migrated over to mine by accident.

Tuesday, 10am- physical with Kim

I wracked my brain..who the heck is Kim?..nobody I knew so I put it out of my head


And then..

as I was running around trying to get out of the door Tuesday morning, I saw a message on my phone.

(My phone is always turned off -bad habit- so I didn’t hear it ring..)

Well, it was a woman’s voice..

It was someone named Kim asking me if we were still “on” for my 10am physical that morning.




..and then (like a ton of bricks) it hit me- I remembered I had scheduled an appointment for a “physical” for life insurance renewal after the holidays! In my defense, I had scheduled this appointment way back in November.. which is no doubt why it had escaped my memory.

I quickly called Kim back to reschedule..luckily she was not on her way over yet.

As I flew out the door and jumped into my car, I thought about that crazy calendar reminder popping up OVER AND OVER AND OVER…I had become totally comfortable ignoring it!

Reminds me of that show on TV where people arrive at the Dermatologist’s office with grapefruit-sized growths hanging off their bodies that they’ve simply ignored..year after year after year.

Reminds me of that time I ignored that noise my car was making..

Reminds me of the mystery wet spot that kept growing..

Reminds me of when I sensed God speaking to me,

guiding me,

nudging me..

..and I ignored that too.






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