The Key to Misery

The options were all lousy. Again, I’m amazed you can have 5,926 TV channels and nothing decent to watch..

“Nevertheless, she persisted” (😉) and after an extended scrolling marathon, I finally settled on Generation Wealth, Lauren Greenfield’s examination of ‘excess’ available on Amazon Prime. Greenfield is a photographer who has spent decades taking pictures of, and interviewing, people who have money and those who are chasing it.

While the movie was completely one-sided in its negative portrayal of wealth and western culture, it did (probably unintentionally) make one thing very clear to me:

Greenfield’s premise is that money/success (and the pursuit of it) is the root of all evil, but what stood out to me is that selfishness and self-centeredness are in fact the true culprits.

There are plenty of rich people who live good lives and many who donate vast sums of money to all manner of humanitarian causes.  The lost and dysfunctional souls highlighted in Greenfield’s film clearly do not belong to that group.

Like yeast is to bread, self-centeredness is the leavening agent that contorts a good life, (rich OR not) into a bulging, distorted, out-of-control version of what it could be. Money and ambition are not to be feared, self-centeredness is.

Maybe that’s why Christmas seems to cast a warm magic over the’s the one season that redirects attention away from our own selfish obsessions onto others..and that, in the final analysis, is the key to happiness and the only barrier to self destruction.






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