Looks like I missed it..

NASA launched the Starliner capsule this morning and I didn’t get to see it. I stood at the end of my driveway staring into the skies searching for that bright light arching into space.. but nuthin’.

I don’t know why it even matters to me, but I have always loved this stuff. Watching lift-offs, seeing the space station streak by..it’s tangible proof that really smart people are still focused on doing amazing things and that’s comforting especially in the angry, divisive and snarky climate we’re in.

I gave it a few extra minutes, dragged the trash cans to the curb and then went inside to look online to see what happened. It’s been really windy so I thought maybe the launch had been delayed.

Nope.  Starliner took off a few minutes before I went outside.

“Oh well,” I thought..”it happened whether I witnessed it or not so that’s good.”

There’s just something extra special about personally seeing the light..



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  1. LA says:

    Always look to the bright side

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