New Decade-New Phone-New Life?

It was a Black Friday deal so we jumped on it and that new I-phone 11 has been sitting, unopened, in its box on my dresser ever since.

What’s the problem?

My old phone is the problem, I have THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of photos..too many videos of our adorable dog..too many pictures of different tile samples, carpet samples, wood samples, cabinet samples, counter-top samples..food.

I told my husband I don’t want to import anything onto my new phone.

I just want to start fresh.

He said that was a silly idea and that I should go through my old phone, delete the dumb stuff and transfer the rest.

Seriously now, that could take forever.

This reminds me of the new decade.

Sounds great to “start fresh” doesn’t it? But what’s good and not good about us and our lives is all mixed together in a humongous pot of soup, kinda like the bazillion photos (good ones and bad ones) I have mixed together on my phone.

But what to do?

If I don’t want to drag my existing problems forward I will have to take a deep dive into what I’ve created, separate what’s valuable from what isn’t and make some decisions..ugh.

This is gonna take a while..









8 comments on “New Decade-New Phone-New Life?

  1. I appreciate your analogy of clutter in our phones being like the clutter that can accumulate in our lives. Great reminder to stay current. Blessings!

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  2. Slowly slog through your phone. I know it’s a pain but will be worth it. Plus, can you transfer photos to computer and delete entire phone file?

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    • This is the part causing me the most angst..my laptop and my phone are like siamese twins..I’m so afraid I’m going to nuke everything. I wish I could just put my old phone on a shelf and just use it as photo storage but I can’t..I have to trade it in..😩

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