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Survey says…?

Real Simple Magazine posted the top ten rudest holiday party behaviors. Surprisingly, drinking too much was not #1.  First place goes to…

1. Showing up ill (36 percent)
2. Asking for a food or drink that isn’t out (33 percent)
3. Being the last one to leave (33 percent)
4. Getting too drunk (33 percent)
5. Showing up early (32 percent)
6. Being on your phone all night (30 percent)
7. Launching into politics (29 percent)
8. Not RSVPing to invite (28 percent)
9. Spilling a drink or food (27 percent)
10. Not bringing food (to a potluck) (26 percent)


10 comments on “Survey says…?

  1. interesting !

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    • I would not have guessed arriving sick was #1..but I get it.

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      • makes sense, but yes, surprising

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      • I’ve never had anyone show up sick (and I’ve missed two parties myself because I was sick) but what I have had is a couple that WOULD NOT leave..oh my gosh, it was torture! I had cleaned everything up..was yawning..talking about how tired I was and NO recognition of any of my signals!! I was way too young and timid to be rude myself and tell them to go.. but we still laugh about it today..oh, the agony!

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      • I get it and now you’ve trigged another blog story for me)

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      • 😂..I bet we’ve all probably all experienced at least five out of this list of ten!

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  2. Now when you throw up you can’t use the excuse I was already sick.


    • HAHAHAHA!!!! That’s TRUE!!! Or wait..maybe the these barfing guests are LYING about being sick and they’re really drunk instead..makes sense, right? (I thought it was kinda strange that sick guests was #1…🤔)


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