Tied up in lights..

I love instagram.

I get the greatest recipes and ideas scrolling around there! There’s also the practical side of it: When I was shopping for tile I had a TERRIBLE time finding any pictures of real-world applications- (I really wanted to know how my tile selections would look in an actual home) Instagram allows users to share these images and that can be extraordinarily helpful.

But there’s another side which is not so positive..

Like reality shows on TV where the producers have to “up the craziness” each week to keep viewers watching, instagram can cast that evil spell as well.

Case in point: I started following a woman months ago simply because she reminded me of me..middle aged, grown kids etc.. Slowly over time, her posts have morphed into these airbrushed, self-worshipping, staged non-realities..so sickly sweet that they are un-relatable and honestly, eyeball rollingly annoying.

Reminds me the picture (above) I saw on Instagram the other day of a couple enjoying a mountain of marshmallows and a holiday movie. On the one hand it’s a pretty wonderful scene, on the other hand the whole thing is a bit of a stretch.  I had to laugh at the snarky comments people posted like “you do know you are tied up in lights, right?”

Like I said, there is much to love about Insta.. and if it makes people who post want to “jazz up their lives” to stay interesting to their followers, I’m not sure there is any harm in that..but there is a moment when things can subtly change, turning something positive into something less than healthy. Like in any endeavor, I guess you just need to stay aware of your own (possibly evolving) motivations.





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  1. LA says:

    I’ve been thinking along similar lines as you do…

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    1. Cindy says:

      I guess it’s like a lot of other love/hate “relationships”..

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