Going “Natural..”

Relax kids, I’m not letting my armpit hair grow.  I am however rethinking the connection between my skin and and food.

Earlier this week I broke out in a decently alarming case of hives. My husband and I had just “dined” at Chick-Fil-A.  I’m not implicating their food, I’ve eaten there before, but who knows? I was obviously reacting to something.

Meanwhile my daughter, who went whole food plant based vegan about half a year ago, found that an annoying skin issue she’d been dealing with for over a decade cleared up completely after a few months.

Again..who knows? Who knows how strong the links are between what goes in your mouth and the state of your epidermis, but not only am I interested to see how a less inflammatory diet may affect my skin, I am also (and this is controversial) going to lay off the facial products..including the sunscreen and SPF 15 foundation that I have been applying liberally every morning since I had a skin cancer removed from my cheek.

Now don’t get me wrong, if I’m going to be outdoors for an extended period..I’m slathering it on.  I just want to be more thoughtful and deliberate..

about what’s going in..

and what’s going on.

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