A Miss And A Hit

The other night I made a vegetarian meatloaf; the reviews were.. meh. Let’s just say I wouldn’t serve it to guests. I didn’t use a recipe, simply threw a bunch of “stuff” in a bowl and mixed: cooked sweet potato, regular potato, shredded carrot, corn, kidney beans, whole wheat croutons, spices..

I then made a bar b q sauce out of tomato paste, crushed pineapple, apple cider vinegar..

It wasn’t so much a taste issue, it was more of a consistency problem. Regardless, we had plenty of left overs. So last night, I cooked up some rice, added it along with some red wine and tomato sauce to the meatloaf and stuffed some steamed peppers.

Delicious..rave reviews.

Oh..and really healthy.

My husband and I watched James Cameron’s GAME CHANGERS on i-tunes the other day and are now super pumped about revolutionizing the way we eat. If you are lacking the motivation/basis/guidance/reasons required to make (let’s face it, difficult) changes in your diet, this documentary will provide plenty of food for thought.

I highly recommend this movie..very well done.





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