What did YOU do this summer?

Oh, you went to Italy? How fun!!


We tore our house apart..👍🙄

I took a tourist style, leisurely walking tour around our home this morning to capture the sights that are so unique to home remodeling. Anyone who has been through this process will no doubt get a shiver of recognition (aka a flashback..) surge up their spine.


Everything is everywhere, but nothing is nowhere- especially when you need it. “Seen the broom honey? We have two!..nope. A fork?..nope. Bar of soap? HA!!”

“Where’s the dog’s bowl? Never mind, I found it in the shower!”

Yes, our toaster is perched on a large container of something (paint? plaster?)..in the garage.. At this point in the game, I’m totally fine with this location and just happy to know where to go with my bagel.

After a few weeks, it’s actually amazing what you become “fine with..” (See make-shift shower situation below)




Improv is survival.. Note the trash cans.. in our bathroom linen closet..and we are STILL recycling.– BONUS POINTS!!! 🥇😇


Speaking of bathrooms, , when you remodel, one of your bathrooms WILL become the crew lavatory with the lid in a permanent upright position. 👍




This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our fridge is still next to the front door.. and frankly, I’m starting to like it there. My lemon tree (temporarily on wheels) has also logged a few “moves” of her own!

(Not sure how my husband’s work chair wound up on the porch this morning, but I’m sure by the end of the day it will be somewhere else..)


The dust.. 🙁

honestly, nothing funny about that.. ugh.









And the dog…our sweet little Daisy, has had no trouble snoozing through 89% of this entire experience.

I actually think she’s on to something. Imagine if you could hibernate through a remodel..no need to figure out where to brew your coffee, cook your meal, take a shower, wash your clothes..

You go through your prep, not quite a colonoscopy level prep-but some version of it.. have the anesthesiologist hook you up to an IV of whatever, fall asleep, wake up and whamo, you’re done! If (WHEN) questions arise and the foreman needs your input, the doc can gently wake you ..you can provide your guidance.. and fall right back to sleep.


too much..

too boring,

too dangerous..

Just go to Italy.


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  1. oneta hayes says:

    Just took a minute to look for a new friend. And, bingo, I’ve found you. I’m following to see what I get. 😀

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