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The Wine Industry is slowly…slowly giving up on cork. Study after study is proving that screw- caps are a better option than traditional cork for preserving the integrity of wine.  Cork tops are known for a (not insignificant) percentage of failure or disintegration that can lead to wine being tainted or contaminated.

New Zealand is already using twist offs for 90% of its wines; Australia for about 70%. The University of Washington is now bottling all of its experimental wines using twist-off caps explaining that there is too much inconsistency in cork that could affect the wines they are researching. (Wine Spectator magazine)

Wait a minute, “wine research?” -where was that course of study when I was a student?


The biggest defenders of cork are of course traditionalists who associate screw-caps with cheap wine. Regardless of the data in support of the “twist off” alternative, it would take…

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