The Fabulous Fifties.. ☀️

You know that feeling you get when you wake up in that dreamy beach-front hotel room.. all tangled in those slightly salty, white sheets.. listening to the seagulls and the surf…and it suddenly dawns on you that it’s day 4 of your 7 day vacation?

That’s what the fifties feel like to me…

And while it may not be time to pack the old suitcase and head off for that “final flight home” quite yet,  let’s face it- we’re past hump-day on this “trip.”

 And just like the second half of a great vacation, there’s a mild sense of urgency..

to soak a bit longer,

swim a bit deeper,

climb a bit higher,

snuggle a bit tighter and

stay up way later counting





These are the years of savoring the experiences I used to take for granted,

or didn’t even notice

because I was rushing onto the next thing.

And I have to tell you..

these can be the most valued, best days ever.

True, there are aches and pains and other serious issues that come along with aging, but they can make us more determined than ever to preserve and protect ourselves so we can do more and do it better..for longer.

This challenge has brought out the fighter,

 the lover

the giver

and the gratitude

in me.

The fifties are foundational and fortifying..

firm footing for the rest of your life.


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