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50 shades of Awful

You know it’s pretty bad when “not terribly awful” is the most you can hope for..but that’s the way it is with cordless phones these days.

No wonder the “kids” don’t own them.

Having a land line is a free add on for us and since our cell service at the house is already pretty darn awful (and getting more awful by the month) an extra landline is a necessity.

We recently purchased a set of AT&T cordless phones (CL82207) and while the most I can say is that they fluctuate between frustratingly awful (“I’m only getting every third word”) and  acceptably awful (“You sound like you have a sock in your mouth”) there is one feature that I LOVE..

it’s call screening. 

If you are not on our list of approved numbers and you are trying to reach us, you will hear a pleasant, recorded voice that prompts you to press # to complete the call.  It’s a simple, completely brilliant way of blocking the 15 (or more) robo-calls we were being hounded by every single day. Obviously a non-human can’t press anything.

Those robo-calls were beyond awful and no doubt about to get even more awful thanks to the upcoming election. Since plugging in our new phones we have had ZERO get through. This sanity-preserving call-block feature alone makes the $59.95 (otherwise just a bit better than awful) AT&T phone one I can recommend.



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