Healthy, yummy Sweet Potatoes

This super-simple recipe gets rave reviews every time I make it.. which is almost once a week!! 😮 It’s a “free form” recipe.. so like spaghetti sauce, you make it your own the more often you prepare it.


Scrubbed, sweet potatoes

orange juice

corn starch


rosemary, salt and McCormick, ground, chipotle chili pepper.


Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

Peel potatoes if you want.. though keeping skins on is fine. Cut into nice, fat slices (1″?) and cut those slices in half again if you need to fit more in your pan. (The thicker they are, the longer it takes to bake.)

Find a pyrex pan that will fit your potatoes in one layer and fill the bottom with OJ. (I literally pour until the bottom is totally covered) Add some cornstarch to thicken, (a heaping tsp should do for a 9X13) and a tablespoon of honey.

Add spices to taste and whisk.

Arrange your sweet potatoes so they all are in the juice- no piling on top of each other.

About half way through the baking process (around 25 mins?) take out dish and with two spoons (or forks) carefully flip each slice so the other side can take its turn simmering in the juice.

Yams are done when fork slides through them like butter and juice is transformed into a wonderful, thick and sticky syrup. If you don’t see that syrup, crank oven up to 400 to hasten the thickening process.

Speaking of butter, if you are looking to jack up this recipe for company, add two tablespoons of butter with the spices and OJ prior to baking.

** The addition of the ground Chipotle pepper is absolutely key to this recipe but be careful, it’s meant to play a supporting role, not steal the show!




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