One Toupee Away…

Recently a man tried to smuggle a brick sized, $34,000 bundle of cocaine under his toupee. Airport security immediately took him in for questioning as he quite obviously, was smuggling a brick sized bundle of something on the top of his head.

Did he seriously think no one would notice?

His ridiculous booking picture got me thinking about other examples in life when people trot around thinking no one can tell what they’re REALLY up to..




They think they are being so crafty and stealth and yet many times their true motivations and agendas are as obvious as the towering toupee on that man’s head.

This drug smuggler had to believe two things to wind up in the predicament he’s in:

#1-That he was really, really smart and

#2- (more importantly) that everyone else is really, really stupid.

So yeah..

If you ever find yourself believing those two things watch out..

You could be one toupee away from utter humiliation..or worse.




9 comments on “One Toupee Away…

  1. Hahaha….Thanks for sharing ! Laughter makes morning coffee even more special for me. 🤗

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  2. I saw this picture and had many of the same thoughts cross my mind. You’re right, so many think they’re smarter than others which really only proves how they are not.

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  3. I saw the news on this guy and I literally thought, “He must think everyone is so stupid”. Thanks for the chuckle!

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