“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone..”

With so much going on in the news this hardly received much attention, but my husband sure did notice. Admiral William Moran, who was about to be ceremonially installed as Chief of Naval Operations, suddenly and abruptly retired.  (He was forced out) According to sources, his lack of fitness for the position was evidenced by the fact that he maintained correspondence with another officer who was himself drummed out of the Navy.

That guy’s “crime” was inappropriate behavior which included dressing up as Santa at a Christmas party, drinking too much and slapping a woman’s behind. I guess the powers that be felt Moran’s continued conversations with ‘Santa’ showed lack of judgement.

Add this now vacant spot to several others..including Secretary of State.  Seems the guy who was tapped to take over that position also resigned (right after being picked) due to a “tumultuous” divorce several years prior. I guess he figured ‘someone’ would dig up dirt and he didn’t want himself or his family dragged through the political ‘fun-house’ also known as a confirmation hearing..(see Kavanaugh)

We are at such an interesting point in our American story aren’t we? The path to the top of one’s profession now includes a biographical colonoscopy where the number of beers consumed at homecoming 35 years ago is considered relevant and potentially disqualifying. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t survive the gauntlet; neither would a large chunk of facebook users.

For a society that’s becoming increasingly secular, we sure are becoming more puritan. Not only are sinless lives required of those aspiring to leadership, but the punishment for not reaching that standard (and daring to accept a nomination anyway) is public humiliation and scorched earth, total career destruction.

Just think of all the good and qualified, imperfect people who will never, ever, ever apply.

What a hopeless, unforgiving, draconian future we are creating.  And while most of us aren’t guilty of being pitch fork carrying participants in these rabid witch hunts, we may (if we’re honest) be guilty of some sharp finger pointing from the safe perches behind our laptops.



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  1. Fair points but what about holding people accountable for their actions?

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    1. Cindy says:

      I’m all about accountability..I truly am. But in some instances, this is starting to go a bit far..kinda reminds me of the “no weapons” policy at American schools..makes total sense until you start suspending Kindergarteners who have a plastic ax on their fireman outfit for the Halloween parade. Some of the more recent cases have taken on the tone of witch hunts..and the motivations are deeply political. Add to that my strong belief that I personally have been forgiven of my own transgressions by a gracious and merciful God. This gift is made all the more real to me as I imagine a life in which one mistake (possibly made as a teen) would condemn me forever. Imagine if everyone who ever spent time in jail had to have the letter “J” tattooed on their forehead.. I guess I just shiver at the thought of a life without forgiveness.. it would be like living one long, never-ending day until you finally die..no mornings, no Mondays, no fresh starts..It’s haunting.


      1. Aw, Cindy, I totally get where you’re coming from. Yet, there are so many instances where justice is not served. For example when boys from well-to-do families are let off due to their social status. I guess it was the mention of Kavanaugh that made me question whether we should not hold people accountable for their actions. Forgiveness is not a get out of jail free card that many would have it be. Yes, there is a level of the ridiculous that does seem to be running wild. Somehow we much find balance.

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      2. Cindy says:

        Balance would be the one thing we do not have today..at least not in the US. Everyone wants a pound of flesh it seems..a score for their team. Exhausting..I checked out of it all a long while ago. I need peace. 💜

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      3. I try to be informed, but it is daunting and depressing as well.

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      4. Cindy says:

        Me too. I once was an absolute news junkie..(hey, I was a political Science major so I can be forgiven. 😉) I like to think I used to shower in the news..just avail myself to its steady, never-ending stream..now I sip the news.. like wine..when I feel like it..and I smell it, hold it up to the light…test it before I swallow..HAHA

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      5. That’s funny my minor was political science haha and I did the same for a long time. Now between work and home and life, there just doesn’t seem to be time – and it is depressing haha

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