Round Up!

Back in the “olden days” we used to tell people who were virtue signaling to “get off their high horses.” The phrase originated back in the 1300s as the royal, rich and powerful would often ride through villages on the absolute largest steed they could find to represent their superiority.

Fast forward a few hundred years and telegraphing supposed moral and intellectual supremacy is surprisingly (embarrassingly) en vogue. But these days it’s not enough to “ride” past others sitting tall on your phony pony; today’s trotters are swinging polo mallets so they can smash those deemed inferior as they pass on by.

Pick the subject -any subject- no conversation is complete without attacking the foundational morals or basic intellect of anyone who disagrees. (Racist, misogynist, xenophobe, homophobe and on and on..)  It’s a deeply annoying, regressive development likely born of some toxic combination of self righteousness and  deep resentment. Clearly, it has already fully engulfed the political process.

I don’t know about you, but I say it’s time to put this most unbecoming attitude out to pasture! Let’s get off our high horses and just talk to each other!






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  1. Love this – needed it today

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