A few extra minutes..

By the time 5 o’clock rolled around yesterday I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open. My day had started early, before 5am, and I had spent the bulk of those 12 hours running around town completing errands in between meetings.

You know that great feeling you get when you’ve had a super productive day? Well that was the kind of day I had.  As an added bonus, EVERY SINGLE PERSON I ran into was extraordinarily friendly and helpful; the vet tech, the guy at the flooring store, the dry cleaner dude, the clerk at the grocery store, our lawyer, the gal who helped me at Petsmart, our neighbor..

Not only was everyone helpful, everyone was connecting on a more personal level..I got details on a child’s internship in Russia, a wife’s job at Lowes, tips on how to evaluate bourbon, one person’s childhood love of Easy Bake Ovens and another’s recollection of summers watching Dragnet on TV.

As a kid I used to listen to Dragnet on American Forces Network-Europe using my little, handheld radio with an earpiece (just one) stuck into my ear. I adored that series with its door slams and footsteps and the narrator’s interesting voice.

We laughed and sighed at the shared, sweet memory.

Sometimes all it takes to turn a busy day into a wonderful day is to add a few extra minutes to our interactions with others. Consider it a conversational “bonus round.” Believe me, it will add value to your day.






16 comments on “A few extra minutes..

  1. Hi Cindy :
    Excellent post ! It is great to spend time sharing friendliness with others. And, as Christians, we know that we bring Jesus wherever we go. 😂

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  2. Dragnet sure was a fun show. Great balance of serious and fun.

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    • Can’t tell you how I looked forward to that show. It came on at night, and I was supposed to be sleeping..so hiding under the covers to listen made it all the more exciting. The real forbidden show was Wolfman Jack..I listened to him too!

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      • Wolfman Jack was a real classic.

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      • HAHA!!! Yes he was. I may not have lived back in the horse and buggy days..but it is amazing to think how far we’ve come in tech in just 50 years. My husband told me he held the TV knob between two numbers for an entire movie once because that was the only way it would come in clear enough to watch..heck, where I lived, we didn’t even have a TV/or TV stations at that time..haha!


      • That particular tuning knob issue does sound familiar.

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      • HAHAHA!!! 🤣That and holding the antennae in the air.. (Gosh, my kids are right-I did live in the “olden” days!!!!!)

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  3. I do think these interactions can make all the difference – agree

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  4. I love this! Love that you notice those positive interactions and love that you shared them with us!

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    • Thank-you!- It really was a fun day. I got a kick out of the kid working at the grocery store (a guy, about 6’2″) telling me how he and a friend once took over his sister’s easy bake oven and spent the day “slow-cooking” mac n cheese and cookies and other stuff while they watched TV & played video games..haha! He said he loved that thing!

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  5. There is nothing quite like a productive day – add in helpful/ friendly peeps and it keeps you going even on those exhausting days. My husband and I and our 6 kids leave next week for Vancouver and I pack most of our meals. It is an undertaking. The boys do not fly out until the 4th while the girls and I leave the 1st to attend Irish dancing championships. The staggered departures and stressing over what the boys might forget has me a little extra anxious.

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    • OK, whaat?? A “little extra” anxious? You are my hero!! It took me years to conquer my fear of flying..and that was just with my husband..not with kids in tow.. OR impending dance competitions!!! 🥴 All I can tell you is load up on the Pepto, give yourself a HUGE pat on the back and remember (as I like to remind myself) our worst day here in the West is probably still way better than many others’ best days in other places in the world. Have fun!


  6. I love days like that. They leave you flying on an emotional high.

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