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Kings or Queens-Useless, but somewhat interesting, information..

It’s Summer and we’ve been traveling. Sometimes my husband and I stay in a room with a king sized bed, sometimes two doubles or queens. It got me wondering what the breakdown is at hotels..what percent of rooms feature king beds?

You know how you type a question into google and three million things pop up? Not so much for this question.. clearly this is (as stated above) pretty useless trivia that no one cares about.


The Hotel industry actually puts lots of thought into this and determinations are made by figuring in the cost of the land and the location of the hotel. Rooms with two beds are slightly larger and cutting back on their number can allow the hotel to add 20 or more extra rooms. (Sounds like an airline move to me..)

Also, consideration is given to the location.   Are most people in town on business or is it a family vacation destination? Anyone with kids knows a room with one King is a total non-starter.

So the answer is..there is no answer..but in my search I did stumble upon the fact that Queen Elizabeth does not sleep in the same bedroom as her husband. (key words: king, queen and bed..makes sense that it popped up.)

And here you thought I’d only pass along one useless piece of info..


7 comments on “Kings or Queens-Useless, but somewhat interesting, information..

  1. interesting factoids


    • I guess no one knew about the queen’s separate sleeping arrangement until an intruder made his way in a few years ago..(I vaguely remember that)

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  2. Not to mention all the hotel ads you start seeing afterwards.

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    • Yup. I know I’m probably missing out on tons of coupons and special savings..but I give out as little info as I possibly can when I’m shopping and always ask them not to put me on e-mailing lists. Hotels can’t be helped..they know all. 🤔


  3. Hope you are enjoying your holiday.
    My husband and I also have separate bedrooms. We find that we sleep more soundly that way.
    I also wear the same nail polish colour as Queen Elizabeth. It is called ballet slippers, by essie. I also carry my purse in my left hand, as does her Majesty.
    Christians are royalty too. Also, my name, Sally ( Sarah) in Hebrew, means Princess.

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    • I love the queen, I really do..she rocks those hats of hers and wears some serious color! I have NO doubt people sleep better separately- I mean my husband and I both have distinct sleep problems that we can’t help but “share” in one bed..He turns, I toss and vice versa.


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