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Choose Wisely

If you live in a place like Florida, it’s especially easy to become complacent about lightening. Two sad stories this week reminded me that thunderstorms are not to be taken lightly:

A motorcyclist on I-95 was struck and killed by lightening a few days ago. His helmet was cracked in half and burst into flames..just imagine! 😯 Meanwhile, over at Lion Country Safari, two giraffes grazing in the field were also killed in a storm. A representative for the park explained that during bad weather the gates to the animals’ indoor enclosures are opened, but that it is ultimately the choice of the giraffes whether or not to seek shelter.


Our garage door was open as well this past week-end as my husband rushed around the yard trimming palm trees with thunder cracking and lightening striking all around. Yes, I was doing my wifely duty nagging him to get inside but men, like giraffes, have the right to choose whether or not to seek shelter inside their enclosures. 🙄

This is just a reminder to choose wisely.


2 comments on “Choose Wisely

  1. I have given up trying to convince my husband to make wise choices. Instead, I just ask if the life insurance is paid up.

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