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Always Be My Maybe

When is the last time a movie made you LOL..and not because of high jinks, but thanks to sarcastic, smart and funny dialog?

Always Be My Maybe is a gem of a presentation available right now on Netflix. After an exhausting day running all over town in 92 degree weather, Daisy and I snuggled on the sofa (me with a tall glass of ice-tea) to enjoy this delightfully crafted story about a wildly successful chef reuniting with her “less than successful” childhood friend.

This movie isn’t pretending to be anything other than a few hours of fun, “feels” and laughs, and it effortlessly delivers on all fronts.  It’s easy to follow and was a real pick-me-up.  I’m going to watch it again with my husband!




6 comments on “Always Be My Maybe

  1. sounds good!

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  2. Oooh…was thinking about watching this…

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