Crazy good sugar substitute!

It’s 4:30am; my rice cooker is quietly gurgling away on the counter and I’m sitting here enjoying my first cup of coffee. It was a relief to just go ahead and get up after a ruff, ruff 😉 night with the dog (Poopageddon Part Doo 🐶) but she thankfully seems to be turning the corner.

I’ll spare you the details and just write about food instead. (How’s that for a transition?)

So my latest cookbook, purchased at the behest of one of my kids, is HOW NOT TO DIE by Dr. Michael Greger. He’s a strange fellow, when you see him on You Tube, but he is extremely knowledgable about nutrition as is my daughter.

Going vegan (whole food, plant based) has changed her life and flat out cured many of the ailments that have harassed her for years. She didn’t do it because of the animals or anything socially complicated, she simply “went there” because she had tried everything else and her symptoms were making her life miserable.

If you ask, she will educate you on the benefits of going vegan and passionately share what this new lifestyle has done for her..not the least of which has been weight loss.


Yesterday I made the Date Syrup from this book. This stuff is going to revolutionize my cooking and baking. It’s called syrup, but mine was more like a jam and I’m fine with that consistency.

It is SOO easy to prepare.



Put one cup of pitted Medjool dates in one cup of hot water that you boiled in the microwave. Let it sit for an hour to soften the dates.

Pour entire mixture into blender or food processor and add a teaspoon of lemon. Dr. Greger advises using everything but the I just cut off a wedge that looked like about a teaspoon’s worth and plopped it right in.

Blend and voila!

This stuff is so yummy and sweet, you could spread it (lightly) on toast.  More importantly, you can add it to your recipes instead of sugar.

Until now, my lonely dates just sat at the back of my fridge like a little box of..well, right now (thanks to my dog’s upset belly) everything reminds me of poop so.. never mind.  But with this new, delicious recipe, I have no doubt that dates will become an integral part of my cooking.



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  1. Does it have to be that particular brand of dates? Just curious. It’s worth checking into. Thanks.

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    1. Cindy says:

      I don’t think so..I just bought the Medjool dates in produce. Pitting them was super easy..but they’re not cheap.

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      1. No dates can be pricey (and I am referring to the fruit not the socializing) LOL thanks

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      2. Cindy says:

        I spread this stuff on my toast yesterday for breakfast and it was just delicious. I keep trying to find substitutes for things because I simply have to make improvements in my diet..there is no choice..I’m just sitting here watching my cholesterol march up every year..and honestly, I don’t even eat that poorly! I’m sure age is a factor..but I need to mount some kind of counter attack here..HAHA

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      3. Good for you – at least you’re taking action to combat it. Yes, age is definitely a factor – I never had high cholesterol in my life, but I do now. Sigh.

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      4. Cindy says:

        same here..i mean i’m not quite there yet-officially-but i’m knocking on the door…😏

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      5. And that’s a great start 🙂

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