I saw this woman’s picture online and immediately went to her instagram page. How on earth could a 57 year old woman look SO YOUNG??? Within minutes, I was watching her delightful YOU-TUBE tutorial on applying make-up.

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 5.21.42 AM.png


One thing’s for sure, I will NEVER wear (or own) that much make-up but no matter, it was fun none-the-less watching her have such a great time putting her face on.  Her accent and bubbly personality are a total bonus and at the end of the day, I am thrilled when women my age confidently apply make-up, let their hair grow long and wear amazing clothes that some consider “too young.” (You should see some of the brutal comments-ugh! 😖) And while I may not choose to do the same,  her lovely attitude and passion to look her best (and be transparent about the “work” it requires) is still inspiring to me – just as I’m inspired by women who fearlessly go make-up free.

You see, the operative word here is “FREE”…that’s what’s so invigorating..letting go of society’s expectations about how women of a “certain age” (whatever it is) should present themselves and feeling completely free to express yourself as you wish.. I just love it.

Good for her!



6 comments on “You Go Girl!

  1. Looks like Glamour Shots.

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    • I’m sure they are..and she says in her video that she doesn’t wear make-up most of the week. But you have to give her props for working out (she looks great) and for veering away from the ever shrinking “menu” of clothing options considered appropriate for ladies our age.

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