Gratitude’s enduring flame

I was sitting on my swing last evening as the sun was starting to set. Golden light filtered through the tall bougainvillea at the corner of our property causing its crimson leaves to explode with color.

I couldn’t stop staring; I felt so blessed to be in that magnificent moment.

I don’t know why, but my thoughts then drifted to my step dad who passed away in February. After a few years valiantly fighting to stay one step ahead of a very serious blood disorder, he made the decision to end all treatments. I thought about how hard it must have been to come to the point where you tell yourself you are ready to experience your last sunset.

All I know is that this man’s heart was full of gratitude and he was able to express it to those who were important to him.

And maybe that’s the essential secret to a happy life and a peaceful passing; the ability to appreciate all the beautiful moments, to experience them fully, to store the memory of them in your soul and to be overflowing with gratitude for them. Maybe, that internalized gratitude creates its own light within so while the sun may in fact be setting on a life, it never really gets dark for those with a grateful heart.

No matter what kind of day you are having, there is beauty all around.  Don’t let the sun go down without capturing a moment that will help keep gratitude’s eternal flame glowing in your heart.

Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 7.12.26 AM.png



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  1. LA says:

    Completely agree! I’ve been trying to focus on the small things, the little things that actually add up to a big life

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    1. Cindy says: too.

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  2. Very beautifully written, and a tribute to your Dad. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Cindy says:

      Thank-you Sally. Enjoy your Sunday..🌸


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