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Sometimes you read something that you know is going to bother you all day…as I did (again) this morning.

Seems a woman in Virginia had written in her will that when she died, her dog was to be euthanized so it could be buried with her. She must not have known that the State of Virginia does not allow animals to be co-mingled with humans in death, but that didn’t stop her executor from finding a vet willing to euthanize the perfectly healthy dog.


Too many sick actors in this episode of “WHAT THE HECK?” 🤨


6 comments on “Seriously…?

  1. No. That’s ridiculous.

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    • The executor actually initially took the dog to the humane society I guess..where it stayed for two weeks while they argued over euthanizing it. HS said the dog was highly adoptable and wouldn’t do the executor came back, got the poor dog and took it to A VET who did the deed…just unreal.

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  2. Kimberly

    That is so unbelievably wrong!

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