There’s promise in Compromise…(can you see it?)

Compromise is the kiss of death in politics; it has been for years.  That’s actually a crying shame because an unwillingness to compromise leads to extremism,  paralysis and gridlock.  Sadly, default dissent has been romanticized, rewarded and reframed as heroic resistance stoked by media empires hungry for endless, ideological warfare. There is after all, profit in conflict.

Let’s face it, compromise isn’t provocative, outrageous or hysterically funny.  Compromise just doesn’t sell.

And yet it works..

I used to be more “my way or the highway” but as I’ve aged, I’ve learned to enjoy the very real benefits of compromise.

Compromise doesn’t necessarily mean I’m radically changing my destination, it may just mean that I’m driving a different vehicle, adjusting my speed or taking a different route to get there.

Compromise is often framed as an abandonment of principle, but more often than not, that’s simply not the case.

Compromise is an exercise in creativity and patience born of  an authentic dedication to not only the final product, but the process and the people involved.

We may never see compromise on a large scale in this country again and that’s truly tragic..but that doesn’t mean we can’t value it and practice it in our little corners of the world.


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  1. momshieb says:

    This is one of the things that has filled me with dismay in the past decade or so. When did “compromise” turn into “giving in”? As a teacher, I constantly encouraged the kids to compromise in order to solve problems. As a parent, I did the same. Now I encourage my toddler grandchildren to compromise so that the game doesn’t have to end. Why can’t adults follow the same basic belief, that compromise is essential if progress is to be made?

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    1. Cindy says:

      Maybe it’s just another side-effect of entitlement..that we feel we are so right or so worthy or so much smarter than others that we should never have to give an inch..I dunno. Maybe it’s because we are too impatient and too distracted..compromise requires active listening and a desire to understand someone else..who’s got time for that? 🤨The only thing I know for sure is why the press is against compromise..they LOVE the is their lifeblood.


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