Good to the last drop!

I love it when my grown children visit, I really do..but after they leave I always find some little “parting gift” I could do without:  bleach stains on a bathroom towel, a remote that suddenly isn’t working, a full, open can of soda in the back of the car, that kind of stuff.

Since my daughter’s luggage didn’t arrive with her on her last visit, I told her to feel free to use my make-up.  So it came as no big surprise that when I went to apply my super expensive tinted sunscreen (from the dermatologist’s office) that I discovered the entire lid piece was hanging off.  The tube was already pretty much empty, so I’m guessing the top detached as she was bending, twisting and squeezing it to get the last little bit of cream to come out.  Yes, the tube was basically decapitated..(see pic above).. yup- these are the types of surprise “gifts” I’m talkin’ about..

But here’s the cool part..

I was ready to toss that thing in the trash even before my daughter came to visit, but now that the lid was off,  I was shocked to see there was still plenty of product clinging to the interior ‘walls” of the tube.  Can you believe I was able to get almost two more weeks of daily applications out of what was left!

From now on when my tubes of cream “run out,” I’m going to cut the lids off and see if I can’t get a bit more out of them. Considering the ultra-high cost of these products, it’s absolutely worth it!


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