What a story in today’s news:

Two teens were at the beach in St. Augustine, Florida enjoying senior skip day. They took a dip in the ocean, were grabbed by the current, and wound up two miles off shore in rough and wind-spiked seas.

After several hours treading water, they were growing tired, cold and increasingly desperate. They prayed together for God to save them. It was about that time that the captain of a 53 foot yacht on its way from Del Ray to New Jersey thought he heard a scream. As he craned his neck around, he saw arms flailing in the distance behind them; it was the teens.

The crew turned the ship about, raced to the location,  pulled the shivering kids onboard and wrapped them in towels.

The boat was named ‘AMEN.”

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 8.28.37 AM


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