Living Dangerously..😉

I did it. I mustered up the “courage” to buy fresh vegetables.

Even though the source of the Hep-A outbreak has not yet been identified, I decided I couldn’t go any longer without eating fresh produce. The vaccine I got has had time to take effect so I feel somewhat protected, and we will wash everything as best we can before eating.

Local authorities still have no idea why this outbreak has occurred and frankly they’ve moved on to worrying about measles now so what the heck.

In the final analysis the source could be contaminated public restrooms and have nothing to do with food or food prep..who knows. What I have learned in all of this is that Hep-A has become a nationwide problem with large, unexplained outbreaks occurring more frequently than ever before. In light of this, I think that everyone who didn’t get the shot as kids should seriously consider getting the vaccine so they don’t need to freak out every time something like this pops up..

Talk to your doctor about it.



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  1. ksbeth says:

    Livin’ on the edge

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    1. Cindy says:

      Yeah..that’s me alright! HA!! 😂The poor produce guy at the grocery store hides behind the apple display when he sees me comin’…I’m like a reporter searching for info…”hey Jack, any recalls I need to know about? Changes in buying habits? Insider Hep-A news we need to know about?”

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  2. Food security is becoming more and more of a challenge these days and sometimes the media publishes news screaming about this or that outbreak but don’t follow up – it’s frustrating and scary at times. I think you’ll be safe enough if the produce is washed well. Thanks for sharing this.

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    1. Cindy says:

      Sadly, you can strongly sense that politics are at play here as well..the lack of information has been irritating to say the least..the VERY least. Not sure what they are so afraid of..tourism problems? Revealing that there’s a homelessness issue? (who doesn’t have one?) Drug users in town..well welcome to anytown USA..immigration related health issues, anti-vaxers..what is it??I mean, we’re adults, we can handle the’s the lack of ANY info that leads to hysteria.

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      1. And it’s much the same here in Canada, sadly.

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