Coming home..


My daughter and her boyfriend flew to Florida from the midwest to spend Easter week-end with us.  Unfortunately, they flew last Friday which turned into the travel day from hell thanks to a major storm front moving across the country. They made it to Atlanta without a glitch, but that’s where the trouble started.  Delay upon delay finally led to a cancellation and frantic attempts to book another flight.

Of course when the problem is weather related, thousands of others are in the same predicament. There were further delays on different flights, they got bumped off a plane they had tickets for but were finally, (finally!) able to get seats on a flight into Orlando and then rent a car and drive the remaining few hours to get here; they arrived at 3am on Saturday.

Of course their bags didn’t make it.

In the end, they spent more time traveling than visiting as they had to leave on Sunday, but they were relaxed and happy and we all had a wonderful time together.

I still can’t get over the herculean effort they made to get here for such a short visit. When I think about it, it really warms my heart.



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