Happy Easter!

When you are with someone as they pass on from this life, you become certain of important truths:

#1 There is a soul in each of us that makes us unique. We are not cars or toasters or cameras here on earth simply working until we break. We are distinct individuals, miraculously crafted in our mothers’ wombs, birthed with features and personalities that belong only to us… filled to the brim with an invisible, one of a kind, essence that makes me, me and you, you.

#2 When we pass our bodies may cease to function, but the spirit within you that laughed and cried and loved and made friends and got mad and had opinions, worries, hopes, dreams and questions..that pure you that is not attached to any part of your physical body..that you does not “stop functioning” or simply evaporate..it goes home.

YOU go home.

Easter is a celebration of the one who paved the way and shows us how to get there.

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 6.38.06 AM.png



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