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Please..someone tell me I’m not the only one who DID NOT know this! 😩

I have been cooking for YEARS (decades), and I DID NOT know that with just a slight tug, you can pull the wooden handle right out of the rubber spatula to CLEAN IT..and yes,

that wood needs to be cleaned!!

I never knew this until I read a blurb on Instagram from REAL SIMPLE MAGAZINE listing the dirtiest utensils in your kitchen.. and, EWWW the spatula was one of them!

Here is what I found when I pulled mine apart (after making a cake -EWW again!!) 


Not gonna lie, it was a tad slimy-ish..EWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤢

I promptly dumped both the rubber and the wood into a glass of water with bleach and let them soak all afternoon. Again, someone tell me they are hearing about this for the first time ever and if you are, you know what you need to do!

Nice and clean!

3 comments on “DID YOU KNOW THIS???

  1. I did not know this. Wow!

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    • WOW is right and so is EWW! Thanks for letting me know I wasn’t the only one…I started thinking maybe everyone out there actually knows this and has been regularly cleaning the insides of their spatulas every time they change the batteries in their smoke detectors or when daylight savings changes..or more often!! SHEESH!!

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