Watching the images of Notre Dame in flames yesterday gave me flashbacks to 9-11, especially when the tall spire came tumbling down. It also brought me back to Miami after Hurricane Andrew.  I distinctly remember getting lost trying to find my way home because every familiar landmark had toppled over or was missing. It will take some time for Parisians to internalize the unsettling reality left in the wake of the fire.

Health, relational and job crises can have the same effect on us personally. The life-landscape we once knew so well suddenly looks foreign and feels disorienting. Important things we took for granted are missing -maybe forever; a sense of extreme vulnerability can take hold.

The good news is that Miami was rebuilt, there’s a beautiful tower in NYC and a new spire will one day rise over a renovated Notre Dame. Human resiliency, adaptability, hopefulness and the capacity to create something new out of what is broken are spiritual gifts we can all tap into.  Rebuilding may take some time, but if we incorporate all of the lessons learned, and accept what cannot be changed, we can construct an even better version of what it was we had before.


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  1. Thank you for this. Your message of hope is inspirational and uplifting. This sentence especially resonated with me: “The life-landscape we once were so comfortable in suddenly looks foreign and feels disorienting.” I have been feeling off base and wandering on a path that is foreign to me. I have been feeling disoriented. Yet, life will go on. Notre Dame will be forever altered, but the rebuilding will become part of its history. You write beautifully about the lessons we can take from tragedies. Your wisdom is much appreciated.

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    1. Cindy says:

      Oh Carol that’s way too kind. Let me tell ya, when I read your blog I can feel the weight of your circumstances, but I am more so drawn to your strength. I guess we need to see rebuilding as a chapter of life, not an intermission in it.

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      1. Yes, life is full of ups and downs, ebb and flow, etc. Sometimes the circumstances can weigh heavy, but burdens shared are burdens lightened and joys shared are joys multiplied (or something along those lines). Thank you for sharing my burdens and my joys!

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    Beautiful words of wisdom from a beautiful soul

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