HEP-A outbreak..?😳

Well, there goes the healthy diet!  South Florida is in the grip of an unexplained spike in Hepatitis-A.  There have been three deaths and almost every county is reporting a surge in cases.  Usually these things are “over” in a hurry;  some worker in a restaurant is identified as patient zero, the place is shut down and cleaned, people who ate there get shots and it’s all done.

Not so here.

Authorities seem to be clueless about the source, and all they can tell the public is to wash their hands and get the HEP-A shot.  It took me days to find a pharmacy that  wasn’t out of it as residents are obviously in a panic. When I did finally find one, I called out to my husband..

“Put down that paintbrush and get in the car, Publix has a few shots left!” 

I took my 87 year old mom to a local clinic for the vaccine warning her “DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING!!!!”  One lady a few seats down thought she had the virus..ugh. When we left the place, it was so crowded people were waiting outside..

Of course now I’m suspiciously eyeing all of the wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables in our fridge. Strawberries, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, lots and lots of lettuce..all of the good stuff we’re supposed to eat that now might just kill ya. It may be time to start my “road-trip diet” .. pretzels and m&ms.

I took my dog to the groomer yesterday. She asked if Daisy had been coughing..Seems Tracheobronchitis is going around.



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