Are you staying behind or going forward?

I googled “one foot in the boat,” clicked on images and there she was..my sister! Well, not in person, but a painting that was a 100% accurate representation of the situation she found herself in years ago.  I remember the scene as if it was yesterday.  I had already jumped into our little dinghy and was waiting for her to follow. The wind was blowing and the untethered boat was slowly starting to pull away from the dock. Instead of taking a small leap, she just stretched out her right leg planting one foot on the boat with her other foot still on the dock.  This move actually caused the boat to float further away and suddenly there she was.. (see picture above.)

It would have been a funny story if she had simply fallen in the water and gotten wet, but in a last ditch effort to bridge the gap, she pushed off the dock with her left leg and fell against the side of the boat. The painful, black and blue bruise that developed covered the entire inside of her thigh..not funny.

To this day, that moment (and my sister’s ugly bruise) serve as object lessons on the cost of not “letting go.”

You can either live in the past or embrace the future..it’s pretty much impossible to do both. Anger, regret, grudges and sadness can keep our feet stuck in yesterday.  Fear of the unknown, of what lies ahead, can paralyze us as well.

And while we may not always be clear about where “our boat” is heading, one thing is for sure.. “the dock” ain’t going anywhere. Sometimes we need to take what feels like a leap of faith so we’re not left behind or worse, stuck treading water in that bottomless space between the past and the future

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 7.27.30 AM


7 comments on “Are you staying behind or going forward?

  1. I always say, remember the past, prepare for the future but live in the present

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  2. What a perfect analogy!! Love this, especially as a not very graceful woman who has fallen into and out of more than one boat….

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  3. This is a wonderfully captured image of the costs of not letting go. It invariably causes pain.

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    • Someone I care very much about is struggling with this after a break-up. She just cannot let go..it’s taking such a toll.

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      • Sometimes it is very difficult to let go, even when we know it’s best to do so. Sending up a little prayer for your friend, for peace and courage to move forward.

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