Painting your kitchen black..and other consequential decisions.

Well, today’s a big day.  The guy who bought our piano is sending a crew to come and pick it up.

Deciding to get rid of our piano was the first (difficult) step in realizing the interior transformation I have envisioned for our home. The second step was purchasing a new sofa and chairs which are being delivered this Saturday.

I considered taking advantage of the next few days to repaint the walls, but the samples I brought home from Home Depot weren’t right. As much as I’d like to incorporate the new trend of crisp, white walls, I can’t do it if it makes my off-white trim and shutters look dirty..and it did.

I was so disappointed.

Once again, I feel like I am constrained by decisions made long ago. And while I can envision myself begrudgingly repainting all of the trim in the house, I certainly cannot see us buying new plantation shutters so.. ugh.

Honestly, I’d make a horrible interior designer.

I am completely intimidated by the rubik’s cube nature of design choices. You make one wrong purchase and the next thing you know the subsequent 12 decisions built on that one poor decision blossom into a project that doesn’t at all reflect your desires or aesthetic.

Obviously others don’t labor over this stuff like I do. They confidently unleash their creativity and just strap in for the ride to who knows where-ville, damn the torpedoes-full speed ahead!

My hat’s off to them..


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