Idol Worship

I was a bit too young to get into the Beatles or Elvis but I do remember how I felt about Rod Stewart that’s for sure. 💜 My love for his music never sent me into a tailspin chasing taxis, lurking at hotels or hanging out at airports..I simply liked to play his records.

I wasn’t, and am not, an idol worshipper…or am I?

Yesterday’s devotional in Jesus Calling was a challenge to rethink the entire concept of idolatry. If you look at the old pictures of girls freaking out over the Beatles, not all of them look like they’re having their best night:

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 6.20.41 AM

Idolatry may start out as innocent love all right, but it can quickly morph into an all consuming fetishism that leads the “worshipper” to lose their grip on reality. The object of our idolatry isn’t always a super star can be anything we focus too much on: money, success, our to-do list, our looks, our fears, sports, our health, our job, even our own kids.

The minute our lives become unbalanced because our focus has settled on one thing..we have created an idol, a god of sorts that invades our thoughts, wakes us up at night and rules our days.



So while I may not be the type to chase Brad Pitt down the aisle if I saw him at the grocery store, after reading yesterday’s devotion, I realize that I may in fact have a few idols I didn’t think I had…

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 6.57.36 AM.png


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