The yachts are blocking my sunset..🤨

There’s a restaurant in town that we like to frequent.  The food doesn’t pretend to be gourmet, but it’s the ambiance that keeps drawing us back. There’s usually live music, cocktails are great, the feel is always “vacation-y” and if you time it right, the sunset can be spectacular. (See photo above)

I looked the place up online the other day to see if they served brunch.  I saw that there were some reviews posted so I scrolled though a few.  Most were 5 stars with a few 4s and then there was a 1.

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 6.17.33 AM

I clicked on the one star review to read about what had been so terrible; the comment was short and to the point.

“My burger wasn’t rare like I ordered. We came for the sunset but the yachts blocked our view.”


I don’t know who wrote that one star review, but I feel like I know people like him or her..don’t you?  You know the type.. those one star, yachts are “blocking” my sunset whiners who complain about absolutely everything and seem determined never to be satisfied.

This critical soul needs to focus on removing whatever is blocking his ability to be content and happy.  Clue #1- It’s not a boat.


3 comments on “The yachts are blocking my sunset..🤨

  1. people spend so much time doing and worrying about things, that could be used in such a better and positive way

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