So here’s the deal..

Of course I want to make healthy eating a priority, but I’m lazy.

In a perfect world there’d be a delivery truck pulling into my driveway every day at 5pm with dinner for my husband and me that was both delicious and nutritious.

Not gonna now what?

One of the great things about moving and re-organizing your life is finding awesome stuff you forgot you had; enter The Longevity Kitchen.


This is just the cookbook I need in my life right now. (Obviously, I thought I needed it in my life a few years ago..)  The recipes are super healthy, but what I like even more is the “culinary pharmacy” section where the authors alphabetically list the health benefits of the foods and spices that are included in those recipes.

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Very easy, very cool.

I made a small list yesterday and went to Publix to buy the ingredients for about 3 recipes. Last night we had chicken on the grill and roasted cauliflower with rice and tzatziki – it was delicious! I mixed all of the ingredients below in a ziploc bag, marinated the chicken thighs all day and wiped off the excess before grilling..YUMMY!!



Let’s be honest, greater effort is required for greater results, there simply is no way around it.  If I want to lay claim the benefits of improved health I need to be willing to make the investment.. the food takes a bit more time to prepare, I might need an actual grocery list..those kind of things.. 😉 A yummy meal is an immediate reward and I always prepare larger portions so we have leftovers for the next day..because of you know..that whole “lazy problem.”

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