Babysitting mattresses

Salvation Army FINALLY picked them up.

After we moved back to our Florida home we had two extra mattresses and no where to put them. As far as I know, Salvation Army is the only place that will accept used mattresses of all sizes with the caveat that they must be in great condition.

Look at that beauty..tried to sell online but no takers..🤨

We have a pretty big covered porch out front so we decided to put the mattresses outside until Salvation Army came. Of course that’s when it started to rain..and not just regular rain, but the full range of every form of rain from wind-swirling mist to torrential downpours to damp fog. I was sure these mattresses would be damaged in some way either by water or frog poop or who knows what..


I literally babysat those darn mattresses for days covering them with sheets, then tarp then folded up moving boxes. I was so worried that something would befall them making them ineligible for pick-up…and then we’d really be up a creek, especially with our large king.

When I finally heard the rumble of the truck the other day I held my breath in anticipation..would my beds pass the “quality test?”


Yes- of course they did.

So yeah..what an expenditure of energy that was! Reminds me of all the time I WASTE fretting about other stupid stuff in my life.

WORRY….. it really is like babysitting mattresses.


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