Fresh milk.

My husband was so proud that he was able to fit all of the stuff she wanted into his car.

We are in the process of moving, and he had packed his sedan to the roof with items we no longer needed but our daughter did. Unfortunately, on his way from North Carolina to Washington DC, his car was rear-ended and for a moment it didn’t look like he’d be able to open the mangled trunk to retrieve some the goodies he was transporting.

Ah yes..we plan and life happens.

The past few months have been especially tumultuous. If I listed all of the unexpected twists and turns I’d probably break out in a paranoid sweat.

I’m not sure if psychologists would agree, but I fight the temptation to look back especially if the road feels as if it’s crumbling behind me. In my mind there is no purpose in reviewing or discussing or complaining about life’s negatives because it can create a massive, black, paralyzing storm cloud of fear that casts its distorting shadow over the hope we can have in today’s, as of yet undiscovered:





My husband escaped the accident unscathed and, much to his relief, was able to pry open the trunk and empty out the contents he had so carefully packed inside. Yes, the fixes are going to be costly, inconvenient, the timing sucks, blah, blah, blah but hey,  it is what it is and we will deal with it..I’m grateful it wasn’t much worse.

No sense “crying over spilled milk” as they say..

wipe it up before it starts to stink

and pour yourself a new cup.





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