Reflections on the past week..

Life is short, let the puppy sleep on your bed.


My step-dad died this past Monday on Presidents’ Day.  His final breaths were so soft and peaceful, if you weren’t looking closely you might have missed the moment. He had made the decision to go home and stop treatments just days before and was able to share his love and say goodbye to family and many of his dearest friends.  Dying is hard work, but he had no pain and no doubt he was ready to go.  Ever the businessman, he asked at one point why “it” was taking so long and was there any way to expedite things..

Yes, he said expedite.

Everyone needed a good laugh, and we are still smiling at that one.

The sunset on Presidents’ Day was one of the most beautiful ones I have witnessed in a very long time. The entire sky, for as far as you could see, was swirls of color and twirls of clouds. As we soaked it all in, an American Bald Eagle, with its trademark white head and tail,  flew by.








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