“Inertia- The tendency to remain unchanged.”

I read an article last week about how many of us have a (not small) amount of money sitting in a savings acct at a local bank earning less than one percent interest. The financial advisor was encouraging readers to simply transfer that money to an online bank, any number of which offer a better interest rate.

It’s a simple move, makes you a few extra bucks and yet people don’t do it..why?


Inertia is easy.  Inertia is comfortable.

Inertia has become a buzz-word in my head ever since I put that article down. Inertia is an ooze that hardens over time, but not like concrete or anything obviously threatening or alarming. No, it’s more like being baked into a giant cupcake..yes, we’re stuck in it, but hey- there’s some sweetness and coziness to the thing.

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 6.17.57 AM

Is there an area of your life where inertia has taken hold?


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