Growth is not an option, blooming is.

I heard something rather profound the other day; a thought that seared itself into my consciousness. The idea was that we are constantly entering and exiting different phases of our lives.  Some are good, some are bad, some are joyful, some are sad. The question is how are we changing as we grow through these experiences?

Change and growth can be good, but they can also be bad- don’t believe me? Ask your Dermatologist! Thankfully, we have the ability to influence our personal evolution; the first step simply being mindful of the fact that we are in fact constantly evolving.

Are we adapting..maturing..coping..learning..transforming into ever more refined  versions of ourselves? Or are we resisting..resenting..reacting and becoming angrier and more self centered by the day?

Change and growth are not optional.  We can either bloom like a flower or spread like warts, it’s really up to us.








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  1. Very profound and wise

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    1. Cindy says:

      Thanks Carol..I have thought about this a lot ever since hearing it.

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