Super Bowl- by the numbers


The game this week-end will be a battle of the generations. Did you know that the quarterback of the LA RAMS, Jared Goff is only 24 years old? Sean McVay, his coach is only 33. Add them up and you get the grand total of 57 years.

Compare that to 107.

Bill Belichick , the coach of the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS is 66 and his famous QB, Tom Brady, is 41. So this really is the old guard going up against the young guns..should be interesting.

Another interesting morsel I discovered yesterday is that the owners of the Falcons and Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta (where the game will be played) decided when they opened the venue to lower the cost of all concessions as a gesture of appreciation to football, soccer and concert attendees. Visitors to the 1.6 BILLION DOLLAR  facility, which was only fully completed last year, will pay $2 for a bottle of water and another $2 for a hot dog.

Gotta love those numbers…💜


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